Gasteiner Heilstollen – healthy with the power of nature

Rich is, who has no debts, happy, who lives without illness.

For your health and relaxation we offer the following treatments in the hotel:

  • Thermal baths
  • Mud packs
  • Massages
  • Shiatsu
  • Dorn-Breuss therapy
  • Inhalations
  • Therapeutic gymnastics

The Gasteiner Heilstollen

Uniqe Worldwide – Heilstollen therapy in Gastein

The healing climate of the Gastein Heilstollen galleries is unique worldwide.
Due to their high success rate, the healing galleries are considered the most effective form of therapy and spa treatment in Gastein valley.
The exceptional effect is attributed to the naturally occurring combination of the following three healing factors or active agents:

  • Natural radon content of 44 kBq/m³ in the Heilstollen air (on average)
  • Warmth with an air temperature of 37.0 to 41.5° Celsius
  • Relative humidity of 70 to almost 100 %

The Heilstollen train takes you ca. 2.5 km into the depths of the mountain. The heat and high humidity heat the body up to a temperature of 38o Celsius, which in turn increases the absorption of radon. The natural noble gas, radon, stimulates cell metabolism with its short-duration emissions. The varying temperatures and levels of humidity in the individual therapy stations allow treatments to be individually customized according to the patient’s symptomology and heat tolerance.

Holistic Treatment Concept

Allevation of pain, active and passive therapy, instruction and information. A holistic cure/therapy/rehabilitation involves more than just pain therapy,
reduction of inflammation, and stabilization of the immune system, which can be achieved with sessions in the healing galleries. A holistic therapy offer focuses on 5 pillars:

Allevation of pain
Radon, heat, and high humidity.

These three features are found naturally within the Radhausberg mountain where the Heilstollen (literally meaning « healing gallery ») is located. In combination,
they create a natural and unique healing atmosphere. They provide long-lasting benefits to those suffering from locomotor disorders, as well as skin and respiratory
conditions. In addition, the treatment stabilizes the immune system. Longlasting alleviation of pain and a reduced need for medication are the scientifically proven
benefits of the Heilstollen.

Medical expertise
Specialized team of therapists and doctors.
We will work with you to create a holistic personal treatment plan, based on fundamental medical principles,
recent developments, and expert knowledge. Natural and alternative therapies perfectly complement our comprehensive range of physical therapies and
conventional medicine, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine methods.

Training patients
Become an expert in your own health. You can learn more about important aspects of your condition, in small groups and with professional guidance, such as:
the origin of your condition, its development, treatment, avoiding complications, managing pain and day-to-day difficulties. Our aim is to help you help yourself,
giving you the expertise you need to assume responsibility for your own condition.

Rediscover your vitality. Effective pain reduction is the first step towards being able to enjoy a healthier life. You can develop this, by strengthening your body
in the long term through targeted movement and exercise. Our team of therapists offers specific treatments including osteopathic and manipulation techniques as
well as stretching, weight-bearing, and breathing exercises. The treatment program also involves individual sports therapy at alpine altitudes including Nordic walking,
therapeutic climbing, as well as muscle-strengthening exercises on equipment and Chi gong.

Put more life into your years and add more years to your life. Our programs aim to improve the quality of your life – from professional advice on nutrition
to psychological pain management and breathing and relaxation techniques. Look after your body and soul, develop your inner strengths, and discover a new balance in your life.

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